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April 21 2017

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President Trump Calls First 100 Days a ‘Ridiculous Standard’

How Trump Blew Up the Conservative Media (Eliana Johnson/Politico)

Eliana Johnson / Politico:
How Trump Blew Up the Conservative Media  —  Months before Donald Trump blew up American politics with his surprise win in November, he did the same thing to the conservative media.  Through much of the campaign, two very different media moguls with colliding visions for the Republican Party vied …


Sven-Olof Johansson storköper i börssänket

Miljardären och fastighetsmannen Sven-Olof Johansson har tankat aktier i pressade modejätten H&M – och är sugen på att köpa mer. "De håller på att göra en vändning", säger han.

Biståndstopparna med högst lön

Nätmagasinet Omvärlden har i en färsk genomgång undersökt vilka toppchefer som tjänar bäst i biståndsbranschen. Medellönen bland cheferna i granskningen ligger på 68.887 kronor medan medianlönen uppgår till 73.434 kronor.
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These GIFs Bring Massive Tornados to Life

L: Energimål skadligt för svenska elsystemet

Regeringen lämnade i onsdags en proposition om att förlänga elcertifikatsystemet till 2045, och därmed fortsätta att subventionera producenter av förnybar el. Det senaste steget möter nu stor kritik från Liberalerna.
Naked mole-rats can live without oxygen, they just act like plants … wait, what?

Senate leader investigating possible FBI deception about Texas terror attack (Fox News)

Fox News:
Senate leader investigating possible FBI deception about Texas terror attack  —  A powerful U.S. senator has launched an investigation into whether the FBI knew about a planned attack by ISIS-inspired terrorists at an anti-Muslim cartoon show in the Dallas area and did nothing to stop it …


Autoliv ska leverera till Mercedes

Autoliv blir leverantör av flera "avancerade aktiva säkerhetsprodukter" till Mercedes nya S-Klass. Det framgår av ett pressmeddelande.

Energimyndigheten startar cleantech-hubb i Silicon Valley

Energimyndigheten är den största långivaren till svenska cleantech-bolag. Nu startar myndigheten tre internationella hubbar för att få ut idéerna globalt.

How making its iWork and iLife apps free could hurt Apple and its users

“Free” seems like a good thing, right? After all, who doesn’t like not paying for things? This week’s announcement that Apple’s productivity and creative software—namely Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie—is now free to all users was mainly greeted with a positive reaction from pundits and consumers alike.

I’ll agree that making these apps (which were already provided no charge to people who bought new Macs, iPhone, and iPads) free across the board is largely a positive move. But that decision does have some consequences that could be a downside for end users, developers, and even Apple.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here


Gotlandsbolaget tar över skärgårdstrafik

Rederiet Gotlandsbolaget tar över skärgårdstrafiken i Södra mellanskärsgården i egen regi efter att det bolag som vann upphandlingen begärts i likvidation. Uppdraget har kommit från Trafikförvaltningen inom Stockholms läns landsting. 
Why I might trade my iPhone for a Galaxy S8 - CNET

Cecilia Malmström träffar USA:s handelsminister

EU:s handelskommissionär Cecilia Malmström ska på måndag och tisdag besöka Washington för ett första samtal om handelsfrågor, inklusive handelsavtalet TTIP.

Who Owns History?

When the artist Dana Schutz depicted the murdered teenager Emmett Till’s brutalized body lying in an open casket, she did so in solidarity with the mothers of young African-American men killed by police officers in recent years. The subsequent attack on Schutz and her alleged act of cultural appropriation reflects the decadence of a once-valuable discourse.


Trump wades into French elections (Michael Crowley/Politico)

Michael Crowley / Politico:
Trump wades into French elections  —  Two days before a French election that has Europe on edge, President Donald Trump weighed in Friday with a tweet that seemed to imply support for the controversial far-right populist Marine Le Pen.  —  Trump's Friday morning tweet responded to a shooting …


Donald Trump's first 100 days: The madder he gets, the more seriously the world takes him

The more dangerous America’s crackpot President becomes, the saner the world believes him to be. Just look back at the initial half of his first 100 days: the crazed tweeting, the lies, the fantasies and...
This New Kirby Fashion Line Is Everything

Elephants are conscious beings with BODY awareness, new experiments reveal... are they smarter than humans?

(Natural News) “Dumbo” may be a misnomer. Elephants may be more intelligent than we thought — and trust us,  we already thought very highly of these gentle giants. A team from Cambridge University said in a new study that elephants have high levels of self-awareness; an ability that doesn’t develop in human children until at...
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