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November 18 2017

Tesla made a phone battery pack that mimics Supercharger monuments
"Seeing Through the Big Bang Into Another Universe" --LIGO Gravitational Wave Discovery May Confirm an Outrageous 'New' Cosmology (WATCH Weekend 'Galaxy' Stream)
It’s Nov. 18. Can we make jokes about Mugabe yet?
Toyota still doesn't think electric cars are ready for mass consumption

President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place

(Natural News) Believe it or not, the murder of elephants with hunting rifles is routinely called “conservation” by government regulators. (Note carefully that human depopulation is also being promoted as a way to “save the planet” these days.) After government bureaucrats at the US Fish and Wildlife department announced a recent decision to allow big...

Treating veterans’ pain with Big Pharma opioids is proving to be deadly and has to stop NOW

(Natural News) Long careers in the military have always been difficult due to the very physical nature of the vocation, but service has been particularly tough in recent years due to overseas contingency operations. Lengthy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with operations in Africa, Europe, and Asia, have taken their toll on the men...

Liberals attack the FAMILY: If you have kids, YOU are destroying the planet

(Natural News) It seems as though the more desperate the liberal democrats become to sell their radical agenda to the American people, the more strange and nonsensical their arguments become. Take a recent article published by NBC News, for example, which suggests that if the people of the earth would just stop having children, then...

Doctors are now prescribing non-medical pain management techniques for low back pain, such as yoga and meditation

(Natural News) People are less tolerant to pain nowadays, and it’s significantly reducing global productivity and adding more weight on opioid dependency. Lower back pain (LBP) is one of these intolerable pains that plague urban inhabitants. It is the leading cause of disability and is also the second most common reason for seeking medical attention....

Remember when Democrats applauded Bill Clinton despite his sexual misconduct against multiple women in the 1990s?

(Natural News) Given the sexual harassment allegations engulfing Judge Roy Moore, the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, it is interesting to recall the reaction of most liberals to Bill Clinton’s misconduct in and out of the White House. For many Democrats, the tawdry behavior was irrelevant and just about sex. While the 42nd president’s...

More politically correct justification for bad behavior: Maybe cyberbullies are angry because they have ADHD

(Natural News) Some researchers are putting forth the notion that cyberbullies who troll certain websites and who use Twitter as an offensive weapon are actually suffering a psychological condition known as ADHD, in what sounds like yet another far-Left attempt to justify hate and bad behavior. As reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail, new research...
TED’s response to claims of sexual harassment 

November 17 2017

This Week's "Planet Earth Report" --Stephen Hawking: 'AI is a New Form of Life' to the Black Swan Satellite Theory

The plastic pollution problem is wide AND deep: Study finds sea animals from the deepest parts of the ocean, 7 miles down, have plastic in their stomachs

(Natural News) Plastic pollution has drastically affected marine life that even animals living in the deepest parts of the sea have been found to contain trace amounts of plastic fibers in their bodies, a disturbing new study reveals. A team of researchers at the Newcastle University in the U.K. collected various crustacean specimens from the deepest...

Operator of Keystone Pipeline quietly cleaning up spill of 210,000 gallons of oil from largest-ever leak in South Dakota

(Natural News) As many environmentalists and local Native American tribes feared, a massive leak of some 210,000 gallons, or about 5,000 barrels, of oil has occurred along a section of the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota, making it the largest-ever spill. The company quietly announced via a November 16 tweet that it is “currently responding...

Health Ranger: EPA, FDA building their own private armies with body armor and military weapons

(Natural News) Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams said in a recent podcast that two government agencies that shouldn’t be — the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration —  are now arming up with military-style equipment such as body armor, spending tens of millions of dollars on such gear over the last few...
Tesla Roadster | 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds!
Tesla's new Semi Truck drives 400 miles on a 30 minute charge
5 Things we love and hate about the Tesla Roadster
Tesla has takers for electric Semi: J.B. Hunt and Walmart
ESO's Journey to the Most Remote Galaxy in the Observable Universe (WATCH Today's 'Galaxy' Stream)
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