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September 21 2017

3 ways the Volvo XC40 is a game-changer
Daimler announces $1B expansion, joins foreign rush to add U.S. auto plants
Yes, the Mitsubishi Evo could become an electrified crossover, but don't panic
Lamborghini introduces Huracan Super Trofeo EVO
At long last, Infiniti plans a production EV
Tesla working with AMD on artificial intelligence chip for self-driving car
Like pirates for the planet, Greenpeace boards ship to block 'toxic' VW diesels

September 20 2017

Jay Leno takes a 1911 Christie fire engine for a hot lap

Vaccine industry celebrates Disneyland measles outbreak operation as a huge success, seeks to model similar outbreaks for more fear propaganda

(Natural News) There’s nothing quite as effective as a good outbreak story to keep the masses in line when it comes to vaccines. While resistance to vaccine mandates and the CDC’s vaccination schedule have been steadily growing in recent years, there is no doubt that the mainstream media can manipulate an outbreak story very effectively...

How high demand for chocolate is wiping out Africa's rainforests

(Natural News) It would take some serious searching to find someone who does not love chocolate. Who can resist a chocolate bar after a long and stressful day? Or what about some delicious chocolate ice-cream in the sweltering summer heat? Chocolate milkshake anyone? The list goes on and on, and it is true to say...

Tesla caught "crippling" the battery life of cars, then controlling their discharge capacity from headquarters

(Natural News) Tesla owners in Florida got an early, although temporary, Christmas present, if you can call it that. Those motorists in the Hurricane Irma evacuation zone earlier this month remotely received about 40 additional miles in extended range for their electric cars before they needed a recharge. Tesla vehicles apparently are equipped with the same...

Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego has officials washing streets and extending public restroom hours as the disease infects hundreds

(Natural News) San Diego has long been known for its beaches and zoo, but now it is making a name for itself in far less appealing categories, like feces and disease. A state of emergency for San Diego Country was declared on September 1 as the city contends with an outbreak of Hepatitis A. Nearly...

Apple accused of deliberately slowing older products to persuade people to buy new iPhones

(Natural News) Many people cannot even imagine life without their smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Among the truest of all these die-hard electronics fans are those who are devoted to the Apple brand, eagerly awaiting the release of the latest iPhone, iPad or whatever else the company is unveiling. Many of these devoted fans...

Magnet therapy shows promise in alleviating anxiety, research finds

(Natural News) Fears can now be blocked in a split second, provided that a specific region of your brain will be stimulated magnetically. This is a novel undertaking, seeing that a lot of people these days are afflicted with all kinds of phobias; some panic the first moment that they step foot on an aircraft,...

Latest face-reading AI will detect your IQ, sexual orientation and political beliefs

(Natural News) At the recent unveiling of their newest iPhone models, Apple bragged about their use of face-reading artificial intelligence (AI). The phones will use the technology in place of fingerprint readers and numeric passcodes to unlock them, and Apple claims the Face ID system is so smart that it can even identify people when...
EcoAlert --Mathematics Predicts Earth's 6th Mass Extinction Threshold Reached in 2100: "After Oceans Add 300 Gigatons of Carbon from Human Activities"  
Coat, Seal, & Wax Your Paint | Autoblog Details | Complete Detail Ep. 7
2018 Nissan Leaf Quick Spin | Another fork stab into the light socket
Hurricanes, monsoons and the human rights of climate change: TEDWomen chats with Mary Robinson
The Milky Way's Odd Satellite Galaxies --"Mostly Inert"
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