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August 14 2017

2018 Chevy Equinox diesel officially gets up to 39 mpg
10 reportedly injured in crashes on the Nurburgring
Last Week's Top 5 Space & Science Headlines
U.S. will get VW's I.D. Crozz first — and here's the latest on that I.D. Buzz retro VW bus
Astronomers Search for Galaxies at the Beginning of the Observable Universe
Waymo patents car that softens if it hits a pedestrian

Google joins Monsanto among the most evil corporations in the world by announcing ban on anything it considers a "conspiracy theory"

(Natural News) Google has published another update to its Quality Rater Guidelines that grades conspiracy theories as meriting a lower search results ranking. Some 10,000 search quality raters across the world work for Google on a contract basis to evaluate search results and algorithms after conducting real searches. Join the upcoming March on Google this Saturday, August 19th, across...

Memo to Merck CEO Ken Frazier: Your company has easily killed 100,000 times the number of those killed in Charlottesville violence

(Natural News) In case you haven’t heard, Merck CEO Ken Frazier resigned from President Trump’s manufacturing council, blaming Trump for the violence in Charlottesville that killed one protester and two police officers (whose helicopter fell out of the sky for yet-unknown reasons). Yet Ken Frazier himself should be arrested and imprisoned for carrying out mass...

New York Times retroactively swaps documents to rig climate change article

(Natural News) We have reached a point in America where the intentional spread of misinformation from the mainstream media is almost to be expected. Journalism is dead, and in its place exists an ongoing effort to not only advance the progressive agenda, but also to discredit and delegitimize President Trump. Case in point: The phony,...

FIREFOX browsers will soon block "fake news" flagged by George Soros-linked left-wing groups

(Natural News) What’s become abundantly clear over the past few months is that liberals are now jumping on the anti-fake news bandwagon and using it as an excuse to censor political speech that doesn’t align with their radical agenda. This strategy is perhaps most prominent on social media and various websites across the Internet, including...

Chemotherapy causes cancer, science study finds, confirming Big Pharma's "repeat business" model for cancer patients

(Natural News) Imagine if there was a natural remedy everybody was using to treat cancer, but then the FDA and CDC found out it actually caused more cancers to develop in the body, and scientific studies proved it. How fast would the FDA and CDC come in, shut it all down and make the treatment...

Amazon wants to sell the masses microwaved, sterilized "dead food" meals that promote disease, then profit off pharmaceutical sales to treat that disease

(Natural News) Eager to break even further into the $700 billion U.S. grocery market, online retail giant Amazon is working hard to develop a new home delivery model that would extend the shelf life of food for up to a year. According to reports, the plan being discussed involves sterilizing food with microwave radiation using...

Another Monsanto BOMBSHELL: Company caught ghostwriting its own "independent safety reviews"

(Natural News) If you think the Hillary Clinton email scandal represents the epitome of corruption, check out the latest dirt on the world’s most evil corporation. As part of numerous pending lawsuits against the company for harm caused by its popular herbicide Roundup, it was recently revealed that Monsanto has been working overtime behind the...

Now having a pet causes climate change, according to science alarmists... is "pet shaming" next?

(Natural News) You recycle religiously, you ride your bike to work, you bring reusable bags to the grocery store, and you wouldn’t dream of littering. You’re doing your part to help the environment, right? Well, if you happen to have a pet, science alarmists think there is more you could be doing to help the...

Calorie restriction found to accelerate learning

(Natural News) A new study that was published on Tuesday, August 1 in the open access journal PLOS Biology found out that dietary restrictions can improve learning ability in worms, finding cause to believe that this theory can be applied to other living organisms. Researchers who were led by Kaveh Ashrafi, Mihir Vohra, and their...

Georgia university professor tells students they can now choose their own GRADES in order to avoid being "stressed" by the grade they actually earned

(Natural News) Could you imagine being the soldier, parachuting down into enemy territory, not knowing where the next round of gunfire is going to come from? Imagine hitting the ground full steam, knowing the harsh reality of the mission that lay ahead – the confrontation of savages and the women and children that need to be...

August 13 2017


Corporations saving BILLIONS as Americans are dying younger from toxic effects of medications, pesticides and herbicides

(Natural News) Until recently, the average American life expectancy has gone up. However, it now appears that the toxic lifestyle embraced by much of the country is finally catching up with people, and those life expectancy gains have come to screeching halt. This might be bad news for individuals and their loved ones, but corporations...

Global warming alarmists terrorize the public over "heat waves" but never mention how many people die from the COLD

(Natural News) Whether they’re debating a co-worker in the break room or making a movie with a bunch of oversized powerpoint slides, one thing radical environmentalists always seem to do is conveniently leave out any facts that go against their “global-warming-is-going-to-kill-us-all” argument. For example, they have no problem arguing that sea ice is going to...

Disturbing discovery: Replacing old water pipes with NEW pipes causes the unleashing of toxic lead and other heavy metals

(Natural News) The country’s aging water infrastructure was thrust into the spotlight when the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, entered full swing a few years ago. This left many people questioning whether their water was also at risk. If you have lead in your drinking water, replacing the pipes might seem like the most obvious...

What's causing all the epilepsy? Huge surge across USA now means 3.4 million Americans suffer... NEUROCHEMICAL pollution?

(Natural News) Epilepsy rates in the U.S. have skyrocketed in recent years, with more than 3.4 million Americans now suffering from the neurological disorder. The figure stood at less than 2.5 million people as recently as 2010. While most epilepsy cases are unexplained, environmental factors like neuro-chemical pollution could be playing a role in the...
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